Mandelbrot 15: De-orbiting Satellites - Bright Turquoise and Black Bamboo Scarf

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This scarf has a software generated pixelated slice of the Mandelbrot set that is knit into it, made from bright turquoise and black 100% bamboo yarn. 

Ships with source code in Processing for the exact slice of the Mandelbrot set that was knit into this scarf. The last image is the generated software image that was knit into the scarf.

This scarf was programmed, industrially machine knit, hand finished, and washed all in Seattle, WA. The yarn used is a machine washable and tumble dry-able 100% bamboo yarn. This particular bamboo yarn is supposedly more sustainably processed than most bamboo yarn, but we couldn't verify that claim. This yarn makes a scarf with a lot of drape (the opposite of stiffness). It is very soft, but also extremely drapey. If you like a scarf that isn't stiff, this is the scarf for you. There are only two of these, because this is a yarn we were testing out, and we probably won't be making more scarves from this yarn as it is better suited for loose sweaters. Note that these colors may not appear the same on all monitors or screens.

This scarf is fully reversible, with the opposite colors on the back from the front. 7 inches wide by 77 inches long. Machine wash warm and tumble dry medium. Please note that we can't estimate how long this item will take to get through customs for orders outside of the USA.