Mandelbrot 15: De-orbiting Satellites - Dark Teal and Light Teal Merino Scarf

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This scarf has a software generated pixelated slice of the Mandelbrot set that is knit into it, made from dark teal and light teal 100% merino yarn. 

Ships with source code in Processing for the exact slice of the Mandelbrot set that was knit into this scarf. The last image is the generated software image that was knit into the scarf.

This scarf was programmed, industrially machine knit, and hand finished, and hand steamed, all in Seattle, WA. The yarn used is a hand wash or dry clean only 100% merino wool from Zegna Baruffa called "Cashwool". It doesn't have any cashmere (or cash) in it, but it's an extremely soft 100% merino wool. Zegna Baruffa is an Italian yarn manufacturer and they source this merino wool from Australia. This yarn makes a scarf with a lot of drape (the opposite of stiffness). This is a different merino than our Kickstarter run of elementary cellular automata scarves. It's even softer and a thinner gauge of yarn so the scarf is a lot less stiff than our usual merino. These are a limited edition item knit in small batches. We only have one cone in each color of this yarn, so once this particular color combo is gone, it's gone. Note that these teal colors may not appear the same on all monitors or phones.

This scarf is fully reversible, with the opposite colors on the back from the front. 7 inches wide by 77 inches long. Hand wash or dry clean only. Please note that we can't estimate how long this item will take to get through customs for orders outside of the USA.