Rule 105 Scarf #833, Elementary Cellular Automata Knit - second

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This scarf has a unique, one-off mathematically generated pattern that is knit into it, made from purple and white merino. It is one possible output of Rule 105, one of the rules of the 1D CA called Elementary Cellular Automata. This scarf was programmed, industrially machine knit, and hand finished, all in Seattle, WA. The yarn used is a 100% merino wool, spun and dyed in the USA. Ships with source code in Processing for the exact pattern knit into the scarf. The purple color is a little hard to photograph, but it's a bright, and yet also deep, dark purple. The model is wearing a different rule, not this exact scarf, but in the same dimensions and colors as this scarf. The images without the model are of the exact scarf you will receive.

This is a seconds quality item, as it had some flaws that were fixed by hand, one at the end of the scarf and one in the middle of the scarf. The areas with the repaired flaws are shown in the last three close up pictures. It is still a unique item as we never knit the same elementary cellular automata scarf twice, even when there are errors. This scarf is fully reversible, with the opposite colors on the back from the front. 7.25 inches wide by 75 inches long. Hand wash with wool wash or dry clean only. This is a finished item that is ready to ship. Get cozy in this generative knit!